Vibracore Sediment Sampling

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Vibracore Sediment Sampling

Athena's custom-designed and fabricated vibracore system can collect geotechnical or environmental cores up to twenty feet in length. The system is highly portable and can be deployed from our company-owned research vessels, or by hand-carrying the equipment to remote locations with limited vessel access.  The flexibility of our vibracore system makes us well-suited to collect sediment samples from a range of aquatic and semi-aquatic environments ranging from ponds, rivers, lakes, harbors, inland waterways, and offshore borrow areas.

 RV Artemis transiting Charleston Harbor

Athena has a wide variety of company-owned research vessels that can operate in most aquatic environments.  Athena's largest vessel has a single day operational range of 90 miles, which allows for rapid access to remote locations, while our smallest vessel can be carried to the project area and assembled onsite for difficult-to-reach study areas.  Each of Athena's vessels are equipped with a Differential Global Positioning System, interfaced with Hypack Survey, for safe and accurate navigation.  

Athena's new vessel collecting vibracore samples at Appalachicola

Athena also has in-house Real Time Kinematic positioning capabilities, deployable tide gauges, and a CEE Echo dual-frequency fathometer that can be integrated into Hypack Survey for projects requiring a high level of vertical accuracy.  Athena’s vessels can also be easily modified to provide vessel support for more specialized tasks, such as ADCP installation, sediment camera deployment, collection of sediment via specialized samplers, SEDFlume sample collection, among many others.

 Sediment Sampling in New Jersey

Athena also maintains a core processing facility where cores can be logged, photographed, sampled, and stored. Core processing typically includes preparation of photo-mosaic core images and data reports using gINT professional software.

Vibracore Photomosaics