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Vibracore Project Summary

Athena has completed projects throughout the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts. Our collection of research vessels allows mobilization anywhere in the Eastern US for minimal cost.

Project Map

Year #/Cores Type Description Location
2023 43 Geotech Collected 43 geotechnical cores in southern Mobile Bay and Little Dauphin Island for a beneficial use study of sediments prior to dredging. Athena provided all data reporting services.

Dauphin Island/Lower Mobile Bay, AL

2023 10 Geotech Collected vibracore samples adjacent to the flood-tidal delta at St. Lucie Inlet for a borrow area evaluation for beahc placement of sand. Athena provided all data reporting services.

St Lucie INlet

St. Lucie Inlet, FL

2023 430 Environmental Collected over 400 cores for a pre-dredge environmental assessment at Naval Station Norfolk. The project was completed in two phases during 2022-2023

NS Norfolk, VA

NS Norfolk, VA

2022 24 Geotechnical Collected 24 cores on the flood-tidal delta at Oregon Inlet, NC for a quick turnaround geotechnical study to enable dredging of the local navigation channel. Athena provided all data reporting services.

Oregon Inlet

Oregon Inlet, NC

2022 24 Environmental Collected vibracores and surface grab samples throughout Port Canaveral for a Section 103 study prior to dredging the harbor. Athena also collected three additional vibracores offshore for a geotechnical evaluation.

Port Canaveral

Port Canaveral, FL

2021 20 Geotechnical Collected vibracores in support of a borrow area evaluation of potential sand sources on the Illinois/Wisconsin border. iLLINOIS
Waukegan, IL

2021 100 Environmental Colelcted vibracores in San Juan Harbor, Rio Piedras, and Cano Martin Pena in and around San Juan, Puerto Rico for environmental evaluations of sediments prior to dredging. Athena was able to mobilize all equipment and sampling vessels to San Juan.

San Juan

San Juan, PR