Vibracore Sediment Sampling

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Vibracore Project Summary

Athena has completed projects throughout the east and gulf coasts. Click on the links below to see representative projects in each of the following areas:

Geotechnical Vibracoring:  Cores collected for testing of physical properties for pre-dredge, construction, and site evaluations.

Environmental Vibracoring:  Cores collection for chemical evaluation of sediment for pre-dredge, site assessment, monitoring, or remediation planning purposes.

Charleston Harbor Post 45:  Athena has been active in collecting geotechnical and environmental data in support of the Charleston Post 45 channel deepening project.  

In any project setting, Athena can provide as much or as little professional support as needed.  This includes assistance in planning, laboratory analyses, geological reporting, and many other services that may arise during project planning, execution, and reporting.

In addition to vibracoring, we can deploy instrumentation, provide vessel support, and assist in project planning and completion.