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MAR 2020

Appalachicola Vibracoring

Athena mobilized our new, 32-foot sampling vessel to Appalachicola, Florida to collect vibracore samples along the navigation channel that services the town.  Athena collected multiple vibracores at each of 10 stations in the area and provided vessel support for water sampling.

Athena's new vessel collecting vibracore samples at Appalachicola

FEB 2020

Mobile Harbor Vibracoring

Athena provided vibracore and vessel support services in a study of the Mobile Harbor Shipping Channel. The vibracores were collected from the City of Mobile south to Dauphin Island, with reference samples collected 20 miles offshore of Dauphin Island. Each coring site required between 10 to 20 cores per station in order to collect sufficient sediment volume for the suite of analyses required. Athena also collected large volumes of site water for analysis as well. The data collected will be used to aid in planning future dredging operations in the area.

USS Alabama

JAN 2020

We've Got a New Boat!

Athena has just completed a new research vessel to our flotilla of sampling platforms.  This 30 x 10 foot platform gives us plenty of deck space for vibracore collection and equipment deployment while being able to handle rougher conditions than our 24 foot platform. 

New Research Vessel 

JAN 2020

Philadelphia Navy Yard

Athena collected vibracore samples from the Philadelphia Navy Yard to determine sediment characteristics at the berthing areas at the inactive base.  Philadelphia Navy Yard

OCT 2019

Folly Beach Vibracore Sampling

Athena completed collection and reporting for 140 vibracores within three borrows areas offshore of Folly Beach, SC. Athena collected all cores and provided geotechnical reporting services to aid the government in determining the suitability of sediments for beach placement.

USACE Folly Beach Locations

OCT 2019

Marco Island Vibracoring

Athena completed collection and reporting for 8 vibracores within Caxambas Pass, Florida. Athena collected all cores and provided geotechnical reporting services to aid the government in determining the suitability of sediments for beach placement prior to dredging of the navigation channel.

MAY-JUN 2019

Geotechnical Projects at Mexico Beach/SJP

Athena has completed projects in support of Hurricane Michael recovery efforts at Mexico Beach and Saint Joseph Peninsula in Florida.  This included the collection of 20 vibracores offshore of Mexico Beach to determine borrow area suitability for beach renourishment projects in the area. A geotechnical evaluation of sediments adjacent to a breach of the Saint Joseph Peninsula was also performed in order to assist in recovery efforts there.

MAY   2019

Bogue Banks Borrow Area Evaluations Completed

Athena completed collection and reporting for 190 vibracores within three borrows areas offshore of Carteret County, NC.  Athena collected all cores and provided geotechnical reporting services to aid the government in determining the suitability of sediments for beach placement.

Bogue Banks Study Area

APR 2019

Florida Gulf Coast Geotechnical Investigations

Athena travelled to the Florida Gulf Coast to collect vibracores at two project areas:

1) Athena collected 15 vibracores at East Pass is Okaloosa County.  Cores were collected to depths in excess of 20 feet below sediment surface.  The cores were collected for navigation dredging and determining material suitability for beach placement.

2) Athena collected 11 vibracores at a breach in the St. Joseph Peninsula at Eagle Harbor caused by Hurricane Michael in late 2018.  Athena collected vibracores and provided geotechnical reporting services.



Sea Island, Georgia Geotechnical Vibracoring

Athena collected vibracore samples at 18 locations offshore of Sea Island, Georgia to provide geotechnical data to assist in delineating an offshore borrow area.  The cores had to be collected and processed within two weeks of proposal submittal and dredging operations commencing in order to provide further delineation of sediments in the borrow area.  Athena collected the vibracores, provided geological logs, and created vibracore photomosaics.



Puerto Rico Section 103 Sampling

Athena mobilized our highly portable 24-foot sampling vessel, along with equipment and personnel to Puerto Rico to collect sediment samples for Section 103 studies in San Juan, Arecibo, and Mayaguez. The data were collected to allow for future dredging operations in each of the study areas. Maintaining navigable harbors and waterways will be critical to support the ongoing Hurricane Maria recovery efforts.



Athena Receives HUBZone Certification!

Athena has been certified as a HUBZone Small Business by the Small Business Administration.  




Vibracore Sampling in Support of Navy Facilities

Athena has been busy providing sediment & water sampling and vessel support services at facilities in the Norfolk area.  This includes two projects providing vessel support for shallow water well installation and sediment sampling at NWS Yorktown and the Norfolk Naval Shipyard.  Athena also collected 143 vibracores at Naval Station Norfolk to provide sediment data prior to dredging operations.