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2016 2017

Inlet Geotechnical Sampling

Athena has been busy providing geotechnical services for projects at Hatteras Inlet, North Carolina and Amelia Island, Florida.  This challenging environments require and experienced crew and a captain who understands the dynamics of shoals exposed to open-ocean conditions, rapid changes in water depth due to tidal and sea-surface conditions, and high currents.  This expertise is valuable, as inlets and their associated shoals are already frequently dredged and this material is becoming more important as fill for beach renourishment.

NOV 2016

Vibracore Support for the US Navy

Athena collected vibracore, surface sediment grab, and water samples for the US Navy at Naval Weapons Station, Yorktown, Virginia and Norfolk Naval Shipyard to assist in environmental assesments of sediments prior to dredging.  This included gathering sediment and water samples for elutriate testing and benthic observations.  Athena worked closely with Navy personnel to facilitate sediment sampling operations around busy port schedules at both facilities.

OCT 2016

Gulfport, Mississippi Vibracore Sampling 

Athena collected vibracore samples at 45 locations at Gulfport, Mississippi to assist in characterizing sediments prior to expanding port facilities in the area.  This included collecting samples up to 20 feet below sediment surface in new work material and gathering large volumes of sediment and water for elutriate testing.  Athena also sampled a reference area 35 miles south of Alabama and Mississippi's barrier islands without having to use another vessel.

JUN 2016

June Projects in the Carolinas

Athena completed sediment sampling projects along the Cape Fear River south of Wilmington, North Carolina for a Section 103 study prior to dredging of the navigation channel.  Athena also completed vibracore sampling at Folly Beach, South Carolina in an effort to further delineate and expand sand resources necessary for beach renourishment.

MAY 2016

A Busy Spring...

Athena has had a busy spring with the resumption of Modern Clastic Depositional Environments field seminars in April and May.  It is always interesting to see how the modern settings change over the winter and were affected by last year's flooding.

Vibracore sampling remained strong with projects completed at the Washington Navy Yard in Washington, DC and at an industrial site along the Elizabeth River in Norfolk, Virginia.



First Quarter Highlights

Athena continued to stay busy with projects to support the Post45 Deepening Project in Charleston, South Carolina.  This included projects to evaluate sediments for use in construction of port facilities and a section 103 study in Georgetown, South Carolina.

Company proesdient Walter Sexton presented a lecture on the "THE IMPORTANCE OF DRAINAGE BASIN CHARACTER ON ALLUVIAL VALLEY ARCHITECTURE" at the Southeastern Section meeting of the Geological Society of America.


Modern Clastic Depositional Environments

Athena is pleased to announce that several Modern Clastic Depositional Environments field seminars are planned for the Spring of 2017.  These seminars are ideal for petroleum exploration geoloscientists looking to improve their knowledge of sedimentary systems as related to ancient sediments.  Please contact us to learn more about dates.