Vibracore Sediment Sampling

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The following projects are representative of Athena's environmental sediment sampling capabilities.


Navy Environmental Work, Chesapeake Bay

Athena has been providing sediment sampling support for environmental projects at Navy facilities in the Chesapeake Bay region.  This includes projects at Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek, Naval Station Norfolk, Norfolk Naval Shipyard , and Naval Weapons Station Yorktown.  

This includes long term projects in support of sediment evaluations and long-term monitoring at Little Creek and NS Norfolk.


Gulfport, MS, Port Expansion

Athena collected vibracore samples at 45 locations at Gulfport, Mississippi to assist in characterizing sediments prior to expanding port facilities in the area. This included collecting samples up to 20 feet below sediment surface in new work material and gathering large volumes of sediment and water for elutriate testing. Athena also sampled a reference area 35 miles south of Alabama and Mississippi's barrier islands without having to use another vessel.


Section 103 Studies for East Coast Port Expansions

Athena has been providing sediment sampling and vessel support for Section 103 studies required for sediment characterization prior expanding and deepening ports and are integral to planning.  This involves the collection of large volumes of sediment and water for sediment chemistry, elutriate testing, and toxicity testing on organisms. 

Athena supported the expansion efforts at the following ports:

  • Wilmington, North Carolina
  • Georgetown, South Carolina
  • Charleston, South Carolina
  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Port Canaveral, Florida
  • Port Everglades, Florida